Room at Last

Peering into the day
there is the sea
with tide and wind,
the sound of birds
and cloud filled sky.
There is the land
green and rising
after winter sleep
and there is the heart
empty of longing,
with room at last
for silence.



photograph by Terry Stoupa


















Reading of “Room at Last” with music by Los Angeles Master Chorale


Your Original Face

Not good enough
echoes through dreams,
lifetime after lifetime
trying to please,
to shape your self
to another’s standard
while the one in the mirror
remains mortal, imperfect
and near buried.
In the time you have now
offer a kind word,
the only life
you’ve ever had
and be the one
passed down
through ages,
eroded like stone
until all that’s left
is your original face.



Navajo Velvet by RC Gorman

















Reading of “Your Original Face” with music by Gary Courtland-Miles


Earth Walk

As birds wing over water
our souls travel this world
with tiny hearts beating,
fervent through
the rush of air.
Propelled from within
through suffering
and mortal ache,
life hollows
our urgent hunger
until reed like
we give voice
to the music
of our earth walk.





















Reading of “Earth Walk” with music by Ry Cooder


The New Heaven

The old heaven and earth
are passing away
before our very eyes.
Anger and opinion of little use
as the ground slips beneath our feet
and the wide sea opens.
The words written long ago
about horsemen riding
and a great city falling
are now in present tense.
Hold together what you wish
of the crumbling structures
but be sure to look ahead,
to begin the work
of the new heaven.
Don’t scar it with old hatreds,
with all that hasn’t worked.
Remember to forget
and follow the trail
where life is leading.
Keep peace amidst the turmoil
and your crown in the chaos.
New life is coming
and into that new body
we are all being born.





















Reading of “The New Heaven” with music by Secret Garden