Winter Stew

Gathering slowly
Earth welcomes
the fallen leaves of autumn,
golden brown
in their descent.
Summer’s harvest
for winter stew, heated
in the dark cauldron.
I toss in my regrets,
the many failed chances
and remember you
in the silence
while the elixir
comes to boil.



photograph by Louis MacKenzie



















Reading of “Winter Stew” with music by Hermanos Gutierrez


Choirs of Knowing

Rain clouds pass over
and Orion appears in the eastern sky,
the first signal cold is near.
I walk out on the wind whipped point
to relish the bright lamp of Jupiter,
the glowing red of Mars and the array
of stars in the vast spread of cosmos.
As one voice from the silent planet
I send greetings to the star nation,
to all my kin in the realm of the Maker.
Somehow, across impossible distance,
their signals reach back, tremulous
and shining with songs of the light bearers,
choirs of knowing in the deep dark of night.



photograph by John Fowler





















Reading of “Choirs of Knowing” with music by Maryliz Smith.


Soul Cavern

With gray skies and cold air
the sun moves south on the horizon
as autumn reaches into the islands.
Settled into the stillness
the lonely sounds of geese
echo across the bay,
the morning quiet rich.
Bird wings flutter in the trees
while I put away the tools of summer,
burrowing into deep earth silence
where the soul cavern awaits.



Photograph by Jim Frid


















Reading of “Soul Cavern” with music intro by Sinead O’Connor.


Safe Harbor

Waves tear south
under high winds,
white caps and rollers
stretch across the channel
as gusts envelop the cabin
like a ship on the sea.
I sleep with the sound,
wake up in the roar
and light my lamp
for those out in this weather.
Storm tossed and driven
hope may be forgotten
yet safe harbor is near.
Come in from the cold,
here there’s a fire;
forgiveness will find you
if you follow the light.





















Reading of “Safe Harbor” with music by Woody Guthrie.