Like a Rock

Old and slow
like a rock for my family
on the broken scree
of a sliding slope,
I lay down aching
and wake with a groan
as I hold my gut
and let voice drain
the painful feeling.
I always wanted
to mean more to them;
perhaps this is how,
by knowing the earth
of my own body,
aged and faltering
on the slow descent.
What is difficult for me
looks solid to them,
dependable, trustworthy.
I need to remember this
as I struggle to the bathroom
fending off appointments.
I’m not what I think
or feel for that matter
but the carving I’ve become,
willing to be like the whale
covered in debris and fissured skin,
crusted with barnacles,
lumbering through blue green depth
to become the ocean’s memory.



Comrade Beloved

Nothing will surprise you

if not today,

the sudden appearance

of a star, music

from a nearby tree

and the pulse

beating like a drum

on blue rivers

beneath the skin;

below the pavement

into the night sky

and within this body,

comrade beloved

shocking the universe

with wide eyed attention.



Healing Dark

Months gone

seasons pass

autumn light

spring preparing

shaman’s blade

bile extracted

nerves spared

laser piercing

cells removed

father freeing

past and future

wisdom singing

chorus softly

darkness healing

life rewoven

new beginning.


Into the Night

Into the night air

and winter sky

of bright light on ebony

I finally exhale,

feel my body settle

and guts shift

to match the soul

beckoning wordlessly

into the uncharted

windswept trek

over towering passes

etched in stone,

finding faith

in the green

that awaits.