Walk Again the Ancient Road

Hummingbird thrums its wings
inches from my head,
startling me to alertness.
Sparrows flutter to land
on thin grass stalks,
eagle crosses overhead
on its vigil above the bay.
Each occurrence a signal,
rekindling memory
of unbroken connection.
Year by year
I add back the links,
trying in my way
to un-break the egg.
Across the water
sun glints from a cloud break,
the cold air of morning
disguising summer’s approach.
I place my prayer on earth’s altar
beside the many animals,
waiting upon the sun
to bring us warmth
and fire our hearts
that we may walk again
the ancient road together.




photograph by James Frid


















Reading of “Walk Again the Ancient Road” with music by Huun-Huur-Tu


Holding Service

The past lies sleeping
in the quiet earth
as day unfurls
on a still sea.
To the evergreen
and juniper
the future will be
without troubling
the moment,
and I find my place
in the green world,
sentient and conscious
of what I bring
to the chapel
of the pure heart,
holding service
in the bright light
of morning.























Reading of “Holding Service” with music by Alisa Jones