Kiss of Peace

Filled with moonlight,
I stand by the sea.
Under shining stars
the night’s dark embrace
leaves the kiss of peace
on my grizzled cheek.
I scratch thanks
on the morning tablet
to cheer my footsteps
as I wander the miracle
of life on earth.






















Reading of “Kiss of Peace”



With elegant wings
heron carves the air
above the tide.
No combat or struggle,
just thin bone and muscle
leaving the image
of a perfect feather
drawn upon the sea.



photograph by Roy Harrington


















Reading of “Heron” with music by John McLaughlin


Round with Kindness

Gaia wears her gentle face
on August days,
light winds and sunlight
cast in white gold
upon the sea.
Daring to be still
I drink in quietness,
wind and water
easing my soul.
Settled into stone
by gravity’s embrace,
the weight of time
presses me down
until like the earth
I am round
with kindness.



















Reading of “Round with Kindness” with music by Maria Callas



Still Beloved

No one is alone
in the quiet of the world.
The sky leans down,
the broad sea opens
and the forgiving earth
holds your sorrow.
Though you’ve traveled far,
weary from so many miles,
you are still beloved
by Those who bring the sun
and even now write your story
in the book of life eternal.























Reading of “Still Beloved” with music by Eduardo Falú