Let in Her Mystery

Within the flow of tide
layers of water chase the moon
on a following sea
where the broken
reel toward oblivion,
medals of holiness
contrive to adorn war
and diesel motors churn
away from the silence,
her singular current bearing it all
with the grace of the timeless,
asking of who will let in her mystery
to avoid the refuge of answers
and hold space for the sacred
that alone may change you.




Where I am Found

Where I am found
the earth seeks me,
no longer needing
to hold back the world
I respire like the tide,
in the depth of her heartbeat
I am rejoined
to the ancient umbilical,
not striving,
only breathing,
found again at last.



Where I am Found photo


Day of Creation

We cannot close a space created,
remove the indelible marks
carved upon life’s tablet,
bonds forgotten until drawn
by a gravity of feeling,
the awareness of dream,
space dissolving
as if time had no effect,
in the mirror of our eyes
the eternal unbreakable,
the day of creation
with us once more.





Prayer Without Words

Grasses long and thin
wave gently in the breeze
releasing their seed
to the shaping force
while upon the shore
listening and seeing
in prayer without words
I breathe in the life of form,
breathing out a blessing.