Owl Voices

The sky darkens,
stars brighten
and owl voices
call from the forest,
the melody of their sound
drawing me further
into darkness.
Starlight heightens
the crunch of leaves
as the night music
leads me to another time
of lighter footprints
and earth undimmed.
The tracks of those times
nearly invisible
except when owls call
to the moon as it rises
and she answers with light
upon the bowl of the sea.




photograph by Agro Nugroho





















Reading of “Owl Voices” with music by Morten Lauridsen



Majesty of the Sacred

The moon grows full
shining on the bay a soft light
that speaks of woman,
the night alive
with the power
of distant stars.
Life is quickening
though chaos too often
obscures the miracle.
Stay on your spirit horse,
this ride will take us far,
healing old stories
with the grace of forgiveness
while across the land
and abroad the sea
the majesty of the sacred.























Reading of “Majesty of the Sacred” with music by Bob Dylan


Loom of Earth and Sea

The sea tells its story
in shimmering waves
on this sunlit morning.
Many come to ease their hearts
and the earth receives them
as mothers do
in a place of return
old as the mountains.
Words of sorrow, words of joy,
words of redemption
and words of final peace.
Each ending a beginning
and each story the yarn
for timeless weaving
on the loom of earth and sea.




















Reading of “Loom of Earth and Sea” with music by Ali Farka Toure


All in One

In that first still moment
when the sun rises
casting light across the sea
and leaves lift in soft breezes,
the presence of God
comes alive in the world.
Rest in that grace,
with the knowledge
of the One in all
and within
your trembling heart
the All in one.





















Reading of “All in One”