Building Bridges

Under gray winter skies
the heart of the valley pumps
through the tap roots of evergreen.
Crows sit atop the tall firs,
lean and thin with winter hunger.
I am not gathering, no,
still living off summer fat,
quiet as the stones beside the river.
There I dream of building bridges
to span the chasm that keeps us apart.
Later, much later, people will cross
with their wagons of desire,
ready to inhabit the forgotten land
verdant and rich with green destiny
yet only we have the power
to reach out now
and dare to touch hands,
savoring this moment
across the expanse.
























Reading of “Building Bridges” with music by Vivaldi featuring Itzhak Perlman


Eyes of the Awakened

Thick and gray
the clouds of winter
break open on
the ides of March.
The threshold of hope
bringing reason for faith
while discontent
yet plagues the restless.
Roots of the ancient forest
stir beneath paved streets,
life older than imagination
come to resolve our sorrow.
Within the hardest hearts
there is the sound of water
as red buds of spring
fill the flowering plum,
turning eyes of the awakened
east to rising light.





















Reading of “Eyes of the Awakened” with music by The Chieftains.


Shaped by Snow

I feel the snow falling.
I see it under street lights
beyond the window glass,
but here beside the fire
I can feel it.
The blanket spreads
muffling the city sounds
to where the snow
might shape us
into the silence
where all songs begin.
























Reading of “Shaped by Snow” with music by Tinariwen


Skipping Ahead

No translation needed
for the language of the heart.
Age doesn’t matter, only innocence
and desire for the timeless.
You thought I was left behind
but actually I skipped ahead,
speaking the language
of the pure in heart,
no translation needed.



painting from Chakra series by Eilish Strawberry Hynes
“Yellow – solar plexus – I do”



















Reading of “Skipping Ahead” with music by Lil Yachty