Hands and Feet

Between me and thee
thin blades of grass,
light breeze upon the sea;
clouds in luminous mountains,
otters among the rocks,
the ebb tide gathering force
as I lift out over the water
the harmonic reset
of birth saline and rich,
knowledge in my bones
of growth and dying,
the cry from soul
more piercing than the gull,
telling you in simple words
of love for all you’ve given,
pardon for the many griefs
and the honor
of leaving on the tide
when the pull of moon
becomes too strong
for hands and feet.




Waldron stone


Rare and Precious

She’s a gift you see
rare and precious
like wild grass
or heron in flight;
beyond imitation
and gemstone perfect.
I swear off disbelief
while she dresses,
the fullness of life
so unexpected
and practice like a child
on the impossible violin
amazed and delighted
over and again
by the appearance
of music.




Renewing with Hunger

Thankful for

is a short path

with sure ending;

this world has its limits,

happiness going just so far.


Hidden away in the mountains of Tibet

monasteries with chanting so deep

layers of stone shift and change,

mountains awaken

and merchants of China

watch their goods dissolve

like morning mist.


Tell me what you find

in the brush that grows in sand

stirred and sent by river’s rising.

From here I see water

dripping from rocks

green glow and crystal

in the smell of moss and mud.


Beyond the rim of thankful for

the deeper world shines

keeping pace with the night sky,

renewing with hunger

the grace that abides

like a rich painting

by a tireless artist

on a path that flows

with life.





Returning to Life

What to do
returning to life
after triage and repair,
no bullet to the head
or wreck on the highway
but a death for the soul,
with images of self
dissolving like water,
reaching for your hand
before I know to form words,
the incisions slow healing
and then the day softly opens
like an eyrie above
the spreading land,
safe against the rock
of all that’s gone before,
looking into the distance
with infant gaze,
old wisdom in the eyes,
the illusion upset,
heart open, determined
not to be undone.