Passport Stamped

I won’t outlive the sea,
not one drop of its salt depth,
not the old growth trees
nor the stone beneath my feet.


I am a guest to this banquet,
a pilgrim at the bazaar.
I fought madness and money
and though my bones grow brittle
still I grip the tools to carve these words.


The tide flows on,
mountains stand in silence,
and here I breathe, for just a moment,
passport stamped for the great beyond.



photograph by Louis MacKenzie






















Reading of “Passport Stamped” with music by Afro Celt Sound System.


Flies with the Spirit

The stars we follow
have written our names,
the ones we’re given
on journeys with the sun.
The one your mother knew
when she regarded your face
outside and breathing,
that your father held
and surrounded with light.
The name of your soul –
flies with the spirit,
the gypsy through time,
an explorer of space.
The one I knew
when first I saw you,
full of passion
and hungry for life.
Cast off the baggage,
your heart space open,
we’re made for this music
and together we love.



photograph by Ann Foorman






















Reading of “Flies with the Spirit” with music by Hermanos Gutierrez.


Given this Beauty

Tune your instrument
to the key of praise
while morning light
shines on the sea.


Trees lift their branches
in the rising breeze
and the sound of life
buzzes in the forest.


How important
must you be
when all around you
glows a miracle?


You might seem drunk
but given this beauty
the stones would shatter
had you not begun your song.





















Reading of “Given this Beauty” with music by Django Reinhardt.


As She Passes

I return to the sea,
her face and tide
the peace of my heart,
the words of our story.


From far north
to the straits of de Fuca,
the inland passage
speaks in ancient voice,
braided with fog
and the cry of gulls.


Younger than we were
yet so much older,
I carve this message
by the light of the moon,
that you might find me
on your way home.






















Reading of “As She Passes” with music by Claude Debussy.