If Not Tonight

I keep company with the moon
rising round and full
before turning
to darkness;
outlined in cloud
she asks if not tonight
when will I love her
and stay home
from wandering,
the bare limbed maples
bulging with life,
subduing the pain
of all things mortal,
joy like sap lifted
in clear metallic light.



Sea rock


By the Hollow

Before words
the silence,
before movement
the still point
without thought
or desire;
with the single eye
of eagle hunting,
the patience
of stones stepped
in the sea,
then empty again;
by the hollow
the boat is lifted,
to the open hand
the world restores.




In This Room

Written with life
rhythm and meaning
tattoo our soul
with loss, desire
and years of searching
only to discover
in this unnoticed room
with blank paper
and knowing glance
our very own self.