Moon of Our Gravitation

You raise your cup without looking
assured I will receive it.
This gesture says it all,
how we are together,
no need to tear things down
to feed the beast of not belonging.
Some days the tide runs deep,
the highs and lows much greater.
They say it is the moon
but I wonder about swirling water
and the desire pulling it toward the sea.
The tide it runs so swift,
perhaps we too can be without restraint,
the moon of our gravitation
the touch of your hand
on a teacup.




Waldron Grasses


chum for the gods

We’re chum for the gods,
dropped into the sea
to lure out the beauty
stored in deep water
from before time began
when only mineral
and fire ruled the earth.
She can’t resist
the sparkling scales
of our foolish wit,
the way we twist and turn
in shifting currents,
singing to her
of the times
we walked together,
longing for her graceful hands
to lift us once more
onto the sunlit shore
of our belonging.



Waldron Sky at Dusk


Becoming Like Water

We can drive our fate
into the wall of the world
or find our way
like water through rock.
Beyond the wall
a spread of forest
and rushing wind,
the sound of rivers
and clatter of bird wing.
Soften like water,
follow the stone path,
a sheer fall of open air
and the freedom of light.





Back to the Forest

I am the face behind the face,
the watcher behind eyes.
I’ll slip this skin
like a bright fish
glistening in the sun
but starving for water,
wriggling free of your hands
back into the deep pool,
a glint of gold and silver
darting through the stream.
That color, that liquid,
that shining skin,
that is me
but not all of me;
I am what the river
cannot hold.
I swim inside this skin
but I’ll slip it soon
and take another.
The stars will take me
and warm sand
waiting at the shore.
The deep sea will take me
and trails along the mountain.
Where I go you will not follow
yet I’ll break from the brush
to see you once more,
a deer with her fawns
crossing the road
thin legged and lithe
then go like a spirit wind
back to the forest.





When You Choose

Sometimes you choose
and sometimes you don’t,
you chase after life
when all you want
may be hidden beside you.
Go ahead and make your plans;
somewhere along the road
where the pavement gives out
you might have to walk
and what you didn’t choose
may find you,
the fear of that sucking
like a trap below the sea.
You might drown
in what you didn’t want
or you may find yourself
in the old woman
with her sorrows,
the bright faced children
adopted from horror
eyes dancing with light,
or you may not,
its up to you
even when you don’t choose.