Light in the East

In early morning
I sit alone with the sea.
Only stillness,
dawn color
and the wind’s whisper
in the high trees.
As the day rises
I calm the thoughts
that come with wakefulness.
To empty the vessel
is to invite the guest.
No words are needed
for presence is all
and with light in the east
I am lifted.





















Reading of “Light in the East” with music by Sinead O’Connor.


Let the Wind Correct

The winds of autumn
cause the seas to surge
and strip the summer leaves.
The prejudices I won’t release
are torn by these winds,
tearing the flesh of soul.
Thinking that I’m right
leads often to wrong,
skewing the compass
that would guide me.
Not as wise as I would like to be
nor so strong as I pretend
belief became defense,
uncertainty led to disdain
so into this storm I venture out.
Let the wind correct,
the rain wash me clean.
What may be lost should go
and what remains
of the good earth
will bind us.





















Reading of “Let the Wind Correct” with music by Van Morrison.


Dear Companion

Autumn rains refresh the earth,
restoring color, lifting worms.
Along the northwest coast
forests breathe more easily,
the misted seas mysterious
in their changing garments.
While the sun is hidden
and the land grows still
I ask for grace not to be misled,
for patience in the slow descent.
Though we travel at night
the stars remain our beacon
and if we choose,
love the dear companion
as we make our winter journey
to the soul renewal.






















Reading of “The Dear Companion” with music by Enya.


All the Grace Needed

Low clouds bank the island
though the rain has stopped
and skies begin to clear.
Summer dried the ground
so the land drinks deep
these autumn showers
as trees begin their winter sleep.
I hasten to put away
all that must be stored,
my heart racing
with a quickened pulse
while quiet winter approaches.
I am going to root once more,
the leaves of summer falling
as I surrender to the cold embrace.
There is just this moment,
of sunlight through the clouds
and the gray sea shimmering,
that speaks of life
and all the grace needed
for the road ahead.


















Reading of “All the Grace Needed” with music by Secret Garden.


Garden of Remembrance

Fog envelops the islands
as the changing air of autumn
blankets the sea with mystery.
Quietly we sit within the shroud
recalling the night sky passage
as crows haunt the trees
and we wait upon the sun.
Our path obscured,
our greater home hidden
but as we travel the ancient road
the garden of remembrance draws near
where fog lifts, the shroud pulls back
and we find our way once more
by the light of a brilliant star.



photograph by Brenda Jenkins





















Reading of “Garden of Remembrance” with music by Chick Corea and Gary Burton.