Always the Hunger

Many lives I’ve lived in this life,
new characters, changing look and feel
but the same eager eye, listening ear
and the hunger, always the hunger.
I’ve fooled myself with disguises
but now I sit with the Watcher,
eyes alert that will not sleep,
ear awakened to Her heartbeat.
I am the brightness in the morning sky
and the one who’s gazing,
the color rising in the clouds
but a blush in my heart,
the life force lifting upward
and the hunger, always the hunger.



Ancient Root

In ancient root
when God was woman
and the land Her body
warriors were revered,
magicians empowered,
poets loved
and sovereigns wise;
with the lineage spoiled
we chase images
while the grail waits
in the dark well of soul
but the land remains
and in the land our longing
for one more glimpse
of Her presence.