Aching with Desire

I caught a glimpse of you
in shoots of grass
and violet flower,
the season of rain
beginning to thin
with glimmers of light
through breaking cloud.
The moon appears
like a deer, telling me
you’ve not forgotten,
aching with desire
for the simple words –
I want you.




Raise Hope

The cherry trees softly painted

against the first blue of spring

raise hope within the earth,

our secret wish released

from the dark fold of winter

in a daring flow of pink

upon silence.





What Must Go

What must go for this day to be born?

Something presses upward from within,

grown in the dark and breaking surface

as roots continue down

and vision opens slowly to light.






There is Life

Along the racing tideline,

in the sounds of the forest

and the yearning cry of gull

the world seeks its original Self.

In the hours after midnight

an eloquent umber moon rises,

casting Her image upon the sea

with no concern for witness.

The light shining in my very old friend

is in my grandson’s searching gaze.

Each day I seek and each day I am found.

There is ignorance, there is cruelty

but above all there is life

awakened in the night

to the brilliance as She passes.





Blue grey water in spring light,

awakened by the wind

on a gentle southerly course;

waves marching gently

in a children’s parade

without the fury of winter.

I am the settled stone,

the coastal trees reaching down

and the gulls aloft in a soft breeze,

the landscape flooding me

like the morning tide

with the essence of Her religion.


Waldron Island


Looking into the old wood

something wants to fall away

like a dead branch in the wind,

to let what is new

fill the part of me

spreading growth in rings

of sun and aging season,

rising from the unseen

clean and vertical

with only presence to speak

in the green and trembling forest.