Grandmother’s Blanket

Crow came by
bringing news of the forest,
of salmon asleep in branch water,
beaver at work in the creek flows
and rooted beneath the ancient trees
the peace of the earth gathered in pools
still and deep beyond measure.
Beside the old well
grandmother spreads her blanket,
her shells and stones laid out
in circular patterns,
her hands weaving stories
of what has been and what will be.
Crow carries her heartbeat,
his black eyes and feathers
shaped by her in the long ago,
with a message to be alert
and remember her beside the well
as we follow the river
on our journey to the sea.



photograph by Edward Curtis


Soft Snoring Animal

Gray sweeping clouds
pass over the rain soaked land,
carrying ocean’s gift
to the high mountains.
Winter takes hold these long nights
while bear sleeps in his cave.
We carry on above ground,
displaying our flags
and assured opinions
as if what seems solid
will not pass in time’s river
or dissolve in the great sea.
For now I’ll join bear
with an eye to the moving clouds
and the star wheel when it appears,
letting my mind drift
with the soft snoring
of an animal
beneath the earth.




Lord of the Dance

Big drop rain and gray skies
settle over the land,
cold air and wet ground
bringing rest to the earth
in the deep sleep of winter.
Guides inform me
during blanket weather
in the shape of crows
and bare branch trees,
telling a story
older than time.
Bear dreams in his cave,
salmon come to life
in upland creeks and rivers
as the Old Ones shape a future
under the January moon.
I hold fast in the rushing water
of time and familiar faces,
letting care be taken
before speaking a word,
bowing to the Lord of the dance
then entering the flow.



photo by Shlag



Out of the world’s confusion
like a thorn filled briar,
we reach out to the heavens
our playthings set aside
for body, mind and heart
to follow the stars.
We travel by night
under deep space shining,
gaining our bearings
for the direction we take
to find our way onward
to the birthplace of innocence,
bringing our gifts
to the great light reborn.