Full of Grace

With open heart
morning floods in,
smoke filled,
alive with birds.
Some ragged memory
with a broken muffler
pulls to the curb
but I wave it off.
What could be
more important
than inner peace?
Find your way
to the soul altar
and speak your truth.
What you need is there,
waiting, full of grace.




















Reading of “Full of Grace” with music by the Microphones


Beyond the Door

When your cup is full
with what need not be
empty yourself
to the morning,
untangle the knots,
untie the line
and free the boat
of your precious self
on the still waters
of the waiting sea.
The world of things
will not reclaim you,
the endless debates
and terms of struggle,
yet beyond the door
of the ancient prison
green fields
await your coming.




















Reading of “Beyond the Door” by the author with music by Van Morrison