Room at Last

Peering into the future
there is the sea
with tide and wind
and sound of birds,
the cloud filled sky
full of light by day,
aglow at night.
There is the land
green and fruitful,
rising from spring
after long winter sleep
and there is the heart
empty of longing,
with room at last
for the silence of peace.



photograph by Terry Stoupa


















Reading of “Room at Last” with music by Los Angeles Master Chorale


11 Responses to “Room at Last”

  1. Eric Dunn says:

    Aumen! I hold this view of the post pandemic world.

  2. I pray we find our way to this…
    Amen & AHO!

  3. Tom Figel says:

    Don, if a “boat” is your literal desire, this poem is for my boating brothers. Of course, you mean something more complex and wise than that. The poem is lovely.

  4. Edward Haimes says:

    Don, I feel the longing of the land, misused, abused, torn up, and ultimately discarded. May it also find peace and restoration.

  5. William Comer says:

    One simply needs to remain awake, conscious of one’s living environment.You might be amazed to hear a “critter” reply if you send it a gentle greeting. A cottontail rabbit apparently now resides in my yard and doesn’t scamper away when I’m coming and going.

  6. Beautiful,Don…yes, room for following Spirit and allowing life to rule.

  7. Linda Barnes says:

    Just what I needed to face the week. hearing it was so beautiful.

  8. Chris Dalengas says:

    This is very uplifting! Nice work.

  9. Veronica Lim says:

    Sheer perfection—the image, the music, your words so beautifully intoned. Thank you for this moment of utter peace.

  10. Allen says:

    We can hope that the beauty of this magical planet survives after human nature passes away, as it must.

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