Earth Walk

As birds wing over water
our souls travel this world
with tiny hearts beating,
fervent through
the rush of air
and scent of salt.
Propelled from within
through suffering
and mortal ache,
life hollows out
our urgent hunger
until reedlike
we give voice
to the music
of our earth walk.






















Reading of “Earth Walk” with music by Ry Cooder


5 Responses to “Earth Walk”

  1. Sandy Jensen says:

    It was a rich bonus to hear Ry doing a phrasal accompaniment to this poem that captures the cycles of aging so well. I love the lines:

    our souls travel this world
    with tiny hearts beating,

    That’s exactly what it seems like to me!

  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, I, too, like the image of the birds and the delicacy of the beating heart. Thank you.

  3. Jack Lavelle says:

    that’s real soulful, bro, you with ry on the slider

  4. Marco Menato says:

    I enjoy very much hearing your poems read outloud, and the sensitively chosen music, wailing the ache of that soul-journey that tends to strip us to naked essence. Thank you, Don!

  5. Yes…despite the chaos below, we soar above and give thanks for our earth walk.

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