There is Life

Along the racing tideline,

in the sounds of the forest

and the yearning cry of gull

the world seeks its original Self.

In the hours after midnight

an eloquent umber moon rises,

casting Her image upon the sea

with no concern for witness.

The light shining in my very old friend

is in my grandson’s searching gaze.

Each day I seek and each day I am found.

There is ignorance, there is cruelty

but above all there is life

awakened in the night

to the brilliance as She passes.




6 Responses to “There is Life”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    La Luna… my favorite goddess… what a wonderful life you share, my Brother. Gratitude and Love ya.

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    All that you so beautifully see, and imagine, is coming back to all the souls
    of the earth. This is what I am imagining. It is Life’s brilliant invitation, which includes the gift of living and expressing our original Self.

  3. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Thank you,Don. above all there is life” quarantined in the MRC this week has given me the opportunity to observe this life in nature here. with gratitude to the architect who built with care for the preservation of our property’s beauty, I celebrate the “world’s seeking it’s original self” and am called to BELIEVE that it is happening. Kay

  4. Anne Blaney says:

    Light recognizes light as we view the Moon’s muted night gift.

  5. Athena Coleman says:

    Your poem reminded me of a poem I wrote many years ago.
    It describes my surrender of the daylight to the night and the comfort
    of the full moon in that darkness.
    I love the line “an eloquent umber moon” in this piece. Your poem says
    so much, I am thankful for the cadence of your words and the images they provide. As I’ve said before, if your poems were food, no one would ever go hungry.

    This is my poem:

    Faded – – – faded – – – faded,
    Faded rose
    Faded words,
    Lost in the mists of a
    Faded sky,
    Shrouding a full moon.
    Listless and languid –
    Mesmerized by a
    Luminous full moon.

  6. Bob Weaver says:

    Don, It is comforting to know that Dez has captured some of it since that glim here will be gone soon.

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