Returned to the Silence

Did I leave something behind

on the far east journey,

the now here out of focus

and dreamscape so real?

With old Earth close

I should have thought

about the part of me

ill at home

in the surge of desire,

who may have slipped

beneath the cover

of a monk’s red robe

and returned to the silence.



5 Responses to “Returned to the Silence”

  1. John Albright says:

    What peace you must have found in that silence. I often
    find those sweet influences (of silence) to be overly intoxicating and
    awaken to see the real work all around me. Thanks for being there.

  2. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Wow. Feels like you found a piece of yourself on this journey, Don. I’m glad I’m here to say, “Welcome home!”

    Integration is such a powerful experience… thank you for this window on your inner adventure.

  3. Bill Dare says:

    My pathway begins with Silence, Don… love the reflection and welcome HOME, Bro.

  4. Pichay says:

    I am blessed with a Temple and Wat (monk residence) as neighbor. Silence….I find, is a relative term. In the sense of “void,” there is no silence. In the sense of silence as “stillness” , maybe stillness is silence sans reaction to surrounding vibratory movement. Where i meditate, I am slightly aware of the bamboo “singing” in their grove. As, my focus deepens and becomes more exacting, the bamboo seem to be singing loudly. Maybe the deepest silence in the stillness sense is the complete harmony of vibrational breathing in and out through the chakras in concert with the endocrine glands. Silence of mind, wordless harmony. In this very moment, i feel my Self smiling, through tears that are forming, so exalting is this beauty, this rapture of knowing the One I AM. Thank you, brother, this poem inspires…

  5. How deeply I appreciate those who hold the silence for the rest of this busy, crazy world. What an invitation you’ve written. Thank you. Every evening, here in Bend, OR, is cool and I sit on the deck in silence amidst the birds singing, the fountain gurgling, and dogs barking. I know I cannot expect the rest of the world to be still. But as I hold the silence within there is a quality of quiet that descends over the neighborhood. Gratitude.

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