Dream Whale

I pick my way beneath an oily wooden dock,

pilings down in sea water,

feet invisible in the dark, searching,

feeling the old belief in danger;

I raise and lower my feet in gravelly sand,

edging between sharp barnacle covered posts

then out on a rotted step

where I hear a great blowing

and in the wide cove a whale,

silver and magnificent

arches its massive fluke

calling me out to open sea.



8 Responses to “Dream Whale”

  1. Great…very specific images grounds the reader in reality and dream. I am never enthusiastic about words like “magnificent,” as they tend to tell rather than show, but I have no other quibbles! Esp. as I was at Bandon last weekend (slide show on website) and got caught in the quicksand around a large boulder similar to what you describe in this poem–around those barnacled posts the sand can go down a long ways!
    I mark this poem as one of my “favorites” of yours!

  2. Linda says:

    So like the magic of life- the danger and the beauty.
    Thank you Don!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Don, that was a bit scary, goosebumpy, then beautiful and freeing. Sending it on to a dear friend who whale watches whenever an opportunity… you’ve taught us how to CREATE the opportunity.

  4. ron laws says:

    Over the hills, and through the woods – to the house of the grandmothers we go – graciously touching a place of rest

  5. Christy White says:

    Wonderful metaphor! Love this…forwarding to my family.

  6. Beautiful, Don. “Open sea”. I, too, feel the continuing call to explore greater frontiers close at hand (or to explore them more greatly). To go deep, to go wide, with friends.

  7. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Gorgeous moment, thank you!

  8. Tom Wishing says:

    Nice one, Don.

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