A Third Way

When wind and sea collide

a third way will be found

of eddy line beside jagged rock

where water shapes a counter flow

to release the conflict.

We tell our stories

in black and white, yes or no

yet in the way of water

there are many paths

of current and choice.

Learning to yield

and seek the ocean’s reach

I rest upon stones

the ebb tide uncovering

all that darkness, obsidian

like shimmering mussels

breathing in the light of day.


4 Responses to “A Third Way”

  1. Hi Don, I love this poem. Isn’t it interesting that all life is very much the same. There is always a third way whether it is people or oceans. Sometimes I think it is our impatience that cuts the flow. The water never gets angry it goes with the nature of things. We could learn a lot just from watching it! It is great to connect with you in the ebb and flow of life.

  2. I’ve thought, quite often recently, that this is the age of the individual. We each have our thoughts, feelings, ways of walking our own paths. No more lock-step marching to a leader’s drum, but gently flowing to our own heartbeats. I honor the oneness of each individual, knowing all the paths are from one source, like a kaleidoscope shattering the sun into infinite colors.

  3. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks so much for this obsidian gem. I’ve always believed duality is good for contextual teaching even though it isn’t reality as I project it.

  4. Sandy Jensen says:

    I love what you have going on here!
    The phrase, “Learning to yield

    and seek the ocean’s reach” is grammatically nonparallel (should be learning/seeking). But you follow learning/seeking with resting…but it seems to me like the wrestling with duality and conflicting tides demands more muscular verbs? Just a thought…

    Also a science question: what beach are you at that has obsidian? If that is not literal but metaphoric, try “as” instead of “like.”

    Love and appreciation from your nerdy English teacher friend!

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