Unknown Passage

The current carried us far down stream,
the ford of our crossing miles back
past cliff walls and rock strewn rapids,
an impossible return to the place
of original intention.
The power of the river greater
than our single mindedness,
it overwhelmed and carried us
with the urgency of mountain,
river’s desire for the sea.
Looking back our plans were absurd,
our preparations misguided,
where we had hoped to go
forever retreating
as the current carries us onward.
The river is not to blame,
only our impatience and pride.
What will we do now
so far from origin,
from the plans laid down
by our earliest guides?
We can’t remember
the promised land,
we never reached it.
What will guide us now
in the darkened canyons
of this unknown passage?
We must listen to the river,
watch for signs in the sky.
Our arrogance is washed out
with much of what we needed.
Quieted like the stars
we will continue;
pray we find solace
on the rock strewn shore
or the unseen distance
where the river is destined.




5 Responses to “Unknown Passage”

  1. Pichay says:

    ahh, yes, gravity…quietly drawing mountain waters home to ocean origin. notice that the water sings and merrily yields, content, even happy, to complete it’s cycle. if a molecule of water could tell it’s story, i feel certain it would captivate my attention. thank you, Don; this poem will be posted on my mirror…

  2. David Banner says:

    Absolutely stunning..I am sending it to friends who just moved to Costa Rica….into an unknown passage.

  3. Jim Ehmke says:

    Wonderful Don. I love the metaphor so aptly descriptive of the quandary of living an ego dream which has nothing to do with the Divine Design; rushing headstrong into the unknown when we could choose otherwise. So, now what? Ah, “choose again.”
    I’m saving this to share with others.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Gratitude for the Journey, eh Brother?!!!

  5. It is good to remember I’ve always been flowing with the river. whether I knew it or not.

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