Sip on Patience

With rough hewn faces
carved by time and ancient forces
the stones are solace,
their shapes comforting
as they stoop down to the water
and dip into the eternal presence,
the stories they hold of ages past,
speaking of what’s been lost
and how to keep alive the future.
They mirror my soul with so many questions,
desire for what seems impossible
in the face of poverty, pride and awful ignorance
yet also reckon my thoughts against the ocean
and the timeless weathering of images in basalt.
I bow with them on this cold morning,
the clouds beginning their winter path
bringing rain and strong wind,
taking heed of what rests aeons older
and sip on patience from the sea.



Sip on Patience


10 Responses to “Sip on Patience”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    This is surely a time to let the forces on the move to run as they will, without interference from me. It’s not comfortable for me to yield that much space, to keep my energetic hands off. This poem helps me. Thanks, Don.

  2. Athena Coleman says:

    Such artistry. If ever I would presume to advise someone on how to live, this poem would be instrumental. I feel as if I’ve just had some cool water when I most needed it. Thank you for continuing to share this beauty.

  3. David Banner says:

    Bowing to the timeless wisdom of the natural world with its ancient ways…a
    very intelligent thing to do!

  4. Eilish says:

    This is really beautiful

  5. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don.

  6. Sarah Hanson says:

    Don, the title alone is so beautiful and full of such wisdom and quietude……Much to ponder in stillness, my friend, ‘as they stoop down to the water and dip into the eternal presence’…….Thank you.

  7. Thanks Don, I love the line “sip on patience from the sea”. Eternal beings that we are I would give it the symbolic meaning “sea of eternal life” and find comfort that it is so.

  8. David says:

    it is perfect & beautiful in every way

    eternal themes are evoked & clothed in fine language & rhythm

    it is Whole

    i am delighted

    delight layered upon delight

    Thank you Don, for your sharing.

  9. Andrew Shier says:

    So sublime and still, my friend. Thank you very much for illuminating the world of essences as clearly and as heart felt as you do. What a gift!

  10. This really resonates as I tamper down the urge to “get something started” here in Bend. Patience, timing, wisdom will tell me when. Not the “urge”. Thanks.

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