Precious Heartbeat

I freed the slaves,

the ones I’ve chained

to my inner plantation,

the shadow ground tilled

with fear of wrong doing,

the harvest of insecurity

I continued to reap

by keeping chattel

in irons forged

with accusation,

the hammer and tong

of lies and betrayal,

ancestral bitterness

locking their images

into a recurring nightmare;

then the proclamation came

on a sudden shaft

of unfettered thought,

realizing the evil

was no longer needed,

the plantation liberated,

captives freed who released

freed me for a new land

beyond the hovels and tired labor

where earth breathes

on the rise and fall

of freedom’s heartbeat

precious to every living thing.


14 Responses to “Precious Heartbeat”

  1. barbara cecil says:

    Beautiful, Don. Exquisite actually. Profound on many many levels. Thank you.

  2. Eilish says:

    This is really powerful dad.i hope to reach this freedom in myself someday.

  3. Keith Hancock says:

    This is a deep and marvelous one Don! Wow!

  4. This is a keeper. I am sharing it today with many. Thank you. We have never met. Hope to some day. I live in Ashland and have been doing warrior work since 99. Blessings to you, Don Hynes…

  5. Yes!! Thank you.
    “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”

  6. Gene Latimer says:

    Felt the urge to check this out today; am glad i did!

    Look forward to more and more poems and songs and books and films and posts and comments etc arising from the culture at large about liberation… And freedom’s heartbeat…

  7. keith fairmont says:

    The title alone speaks volumes. Thank you for speaking about me.
    Your gift is the way you convey your heart in this beautiful piece of expression.

  8. Kim Lewis says:

    Oh my, does your honesty run deep here, stirring my memories. Thank you for your insightful lines and strong beating heart.

  9. Bill Dare says:

    Welcome, Elder… I’m enjoying the wisdom of your Journey.

  10. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. Ah, the falling Sword of Truth. I am not exempt. Precious, indeed, is each heartbeat nourishing this necessary purging…

  11. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Don No wonder your poetry touches me so. This one reflects my journey over this past year. May we both live in this new land of freedom in joy and peace. I receive this PRECIOUS HEARTBEAT as a as aspecial gift from God confirming my life Blessings

  12. Nancy Rose says:

    So compelling, Don!
    A wonderful, piercing poem to share with many.
    Thank you.
    Nancy Rose

  13. David Banner says:

    Ah…healing the shadow…work we all need to do, myself included…thank you, Don!

  14. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Wow, I experienced the exact essence that this poem conveys during my meditation last night and it’s apparent that a new day of freedom is truly dawning. Thank you for your wordsmanship and willingness to continue to plummet the depths of our being.

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