like falling snow

covers and quiets

the furrowed fields

and wintergreen moss,

ridges of desire

wrapped within

a silent white,

grateful for breath

and all that rises,

the earth still,

softly opening

to the blessing.




12 Responses to “Thankfulness”

  1. David Banner says:

    Ah! Sweet………..

  2. Rodger Hyodo says:

    silent white desire falling
    flake by flake aglow in blue
    into a forever welcoming earth

    thank you Don

  3. Virginia Schoen says:

    Dear Don,

    love all your poems, but especially liked this one….thanks

  4. Robin Haysom says:


  5. Pichay says:

    Our gifts carry more power than our burdens. Thank you for your gifts, Don.

  6. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks for this Elder Blessing, Don.

  7. Marco says:

    thankful for your weekly meditations … like falling snow cover and quiet …

  8. Andrew Shier says:

    You capture your very Essence, brother, in this poem. I am grateful that you spread it so graciously and unconditionally to the many in your field.

  9. Thankfulness is the central theme of my life as I own my own home for the first time in thirty years. I sit in the large window watching the birds and squirrels and, like the earth, open softly to the blessing.

  10. Monika Wadhwa says:

    `CONSISTENT GRATITUDE` & the `relationship of a Disciple & The Master` is of what I was reminded of as soon as I opened `THANKFULNESS` today at 6.45am. It helped me to understand my present state of confusion. `Indescribable Thanks`

  11. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Title seen first: Thankfulness. Three syllables. First glance at poem: simple, uncluttered, easily accessible, not convoluted in a mental maze—simple, elegant, not more than two, three, maybe four words a line, poem landscape seen by my eyes & the soft settling of my heart in gratitude.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Calming and lovely. Thank you.

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