Live On

Two birds float in the channel
as wind lifts the water like corduroy,
behind his old weathered face
the bay stretches to distant islands
across the sea his home so many years;
the problems with being a man don’t change
but within the fold of this larger setting
where air and sea and sun still breathe
the broader fetch over waters reach
keep inviting him: live on, live on!


3 Responses to “Live On”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Double en tendered… so beautifully. Wow! What recall you fetch within the broad reach of this man’s mind. Thanks, Don.

  2. Josanne says:

    This poem harkens back to the tone of your work when Martin was with us…surging forward.
    I am moved by the humble grandeur.

    I’m pleased to be included in this mailing of yours….

    Your Old Pal, Josanne

  3. Judith McGee says:

    Don, very nice. It’s refreshing especially when were in such a “left-brained” world to reflect on nature.

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