Quieting the Noise, V1

I go within
to the place of silence,
singular and aware
like an eagle,
dropping like a seal
into cold dark water.



Quieting the Noise



7 Responses to “Quieting the Noise, V1”

  1. David Banner says:

    Dropping into the unknown and asking for guidance…

  2. Jane Knechtel says:

    Quieting the noise, waking the spirit: Eagle, seal, shaman.
    A subtle, timely poem Don.

  3. Bill Gordon says:

    True silence is so hard to find….your words almost take me there.

  4. Gina Camille Huskey says:


  5. Robin Bryant says:

    And may we see, and meet each other there.

  6. Edward Haimes says:

    Love the thought, the feeling, and the experience. Thank you

  7. gus duffy says:

    the noise—
    like fishing line spooling off a reel at high speed.
    any moment of silence most welcome
    thanks Don

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