Bell Without Sound

“We are masters of the universe”
the cartoon heroes declare,
“fighting for truth and justice.”
Rabbits don’t seem impressed
as they nibble away
on the rain soaked grass.
Outside the hall of mirrors
I watch with the tide
and wait upon the wind.
Quietly my friend,
let’s pick our way
on the stone littered path
to the great hall of silence;
no chanting, no speeches,
only the reverberation
of the bell without sound
beckoning us back to life.
























Reading of “Bell Without Sound” with music by Bagno Armonico


Prairie Winds

I know the remorse of an aging man,
the plague of choices I might have made,
worn faces risen as ambition failed
and loneliness became my comfort.
I hear your voice from another world,
your face refreshed by dreams.
I reach out but there is no flesh,
only the essence of your fair-skinned beauty
free from mortal burden.
I’m not ready to depart,
hoping yet for the clans to gather
on horses multicolored and proud,
our long hair flowing in prairie winds.
We may by then have learned to love each other
and trust our footing through the sea of grass,
human now with the earth become our friend.


Orcas Island
June 2022



















Reading of “Prairie Winds” with music composed and played by Jack Jenkins and Maryliz Smith