Loom of Earth and Sea

The sea tells its story
in shimmering waves
on this sunlit morning.
Many come to ease their hearts
beside these healing waters
that the weights they bear be lifted.
The earth receives them
as mothers do
in a place of return
old as the mountains.
Words of sorrow spoken
and words of joy,
words of redemption
and words of final peace.
Each ending a beginning
and each story the yarn
for a timeless weaving
on the loom of earth and sea.





















Reading of “Loom of Earth and Sea” with music by Ali Farka Toure


All in One

In that first still moment
when the sun rises
casting light across the sea
and leaves lift in soft breezes,
the presence of God
comes alive in the world.
Rest in that grace,
with the knowledge
of the One in all
and within
your trembling heart
the All in one.





















Reading of “All in One”


Hunger Quenched

Returned to bird sounds
and rustling grass,
the morning quiet
nurtures my soul.
Glaciered mountains
span the far horizon
as the broad sea
slowly moves
in ebbing tide.
I forget to remember
what I’ve left behind
and hunger quenched
with sweet beds of clover,
I wrap myself
in green world peace.


















Reading of “Hunger Quenched” with sounds of blackbirds singing


Alive in the Mystery

The sun rises
and I rise,
welcoming the light
of summer’s warmth
spread across the sea.
I rest within layers of stone,
take flight with sparrows,
dream of dogs
and weave word spells.
I am healed
and I am healer,
no longer waiting
for those who came before,
alive in the mystery –
a cape upon my shoulders
and blanket under starlight.
Nowhere to go,
no one to be,
I am here.






















Reading of “Alive in the Mystery” with music by Colter Wall


Tear Another Page

There’s light in the distance
where water shines
though the island lies under gray clouds
beside a gunmetal sea.
I don’t show up for parties or funerals,
keep to myself in the druid forest
weaving word spells.
Years past the story goes
we fell under the wings of a dark angel,
so long ago we can’t remember
original color or the taste of freedom.
“You best be still and accept your fate”
the elders told me, while by my eyes
they knew I wasn’t a believer.
Most of them are dead and buried
while I keep dodging bullets.
Silently I move from word to word,
runes carved and lit with fire
to melt the bonds of the sleeping.
Awake in the greenwood
I tear another page from the Book of Life
and feed it to the wind.























Reading of “Tear Another Page” by the author


Written Across the Sky

Light in the east
carves an opening
in the mass of clouds,
checking the rain with a sign
the storm may soon break.
We will yet suffer,
have to carry through
this dark night,
but in the end
the sun will rise
and we will find ourselves
in sight of the green land.
Noah will be there, and Moses,
Mary and her maidens
who treasured their oil
and kept a flame burning.
I will be there, looking for you,
remembering your face, your voice
and how you persevered.
Keep faith my friend
as I will in this struggle.
We have the promise
written across the sky
in rainbow colors,
foretelling the new earth
in all its bright rimmed glory.























Reading of “Written Across the Sky” with music by Daft Punk


Song of Life

I offer silence
on the altar of the earth,
preferring assurance
to foolish talk.
I’ve known confusion
and lost the will to live
but found strength
from voices beyond time
and in the blessings
of the green world.
Silence is not absence,
rather the presence of a knowing
in the flight of hummingbird
and the space within
to resonate with the song of life
in morning quiet.

















Reading of “Song of Life” with music by Van Morrison


Bell Without Sound

“We are masters of the universe”
the cartoon heroes declare,
“fighting for truth and justice.”
Rabbits don’t seem impressed
as they nibble away
on the rain soaked grass.
Outside the hall of mirrors
I watch with the tide
and wait upon the wind.
Quietly my friend,
let’s pick our way
on the stone littered path
to the great hall of silence;
no chanting, no speeches,
only the reverberation
of the bell without sound
beckoning us back to life.
























Reading of “Bell Without Sound” with music by Bagno Armonico


Prepare for the Mountain

Looking within
I find seasoned wood
split and ready for the pyre.
I throw in with heretics
daring immolation,
snow monks
melting ice fields
with silence.
The inner fire grows hot
as more of myself
turns into flame,
letting heat prepare me
for the distant mountain
I will cross.
























Reading of “Prepare for the Mountain” with music by the Gyuto Monks


Prairie Winds

I know the remorse of an aging man,
the plague of choices I might have made,
worn faces risen as ambition failed
and loneliness became my comfort.
I hear your voice from another world,
your face refreshed by dreams.
I reach out but there is no flesh,
only the essence of your fair-skinned beauty
free from mortal burden.
I’m not ready to depart,
hoping yet for the clans to gather
on horses multicolored and proud,
our long hair flowing in prairie winds.
We may by then have learned to love each other
and trust our footing through the sea of grass,
human now with the earth become our friend.


Orcas Island
June 2022



















Reading of “Prairie Winds” with music composed and played by Jack Jenkins and Maryliz Smith