Subtle Urge

The billowing clouds against blue,

roses drooping under spring weight,

the smell of new dirt and your hair

tied back to work in the garden;

a few words sent out

against the tide of heartache,

noticing what supports the soul

and the subtle urge of thankfulness.



8 Responses to “Subtle Urge”

  1. David Banner says:

    Whew! That is all I can say about that one!

  2. Yes, this is exactly how I felt yesterday- persisting against the tide of heartache. I so much appreciate the reminder of the “subtle urge”.

  3. pi Chay says:

    I have been celebrating as a nourishing elixir to heartache….by listening to Moody Blues tunes who were my instrumentalists as I awakened to the bigger picture around 1970. Their tunes, their vibrations, their lyrics are powerful to me now as then….maybe more so. Discovering this resource of You Tube subtly urged me to reconnect to that wondrous era that lives radiantly within today. Their music supported my soul, with but a few words organised into lyrics. My story and your poem tie together well in my mind and heart, Don, as does my respect and care for you and all whom we know and don’t know….

  4. Athena Coleman says:

    Those last two lines are as rich as soil ready for planting. Your poems manage to hold the hope of the world in so few words.

  5. While trying to settle the kerfuffle of my mind dancing around in the past, I picked up a book of reinterpretations of The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. Instant focus, instant depth, and gratitude for redirecting the self. A simple act of soul support for which I am thankful.

  6. Sandy Jensen says:

    I particularly responded to the emotional cluster around “subtle urge” as being both original and evocative.

  7. Mark Dellamano says:

    Ah, the garden. Drawn in tight to its embrace one can only feel grateful. Thanks for expressing it so well.

  8. ron laws says:

    A beautiful seed for an elder to touch, planted in the prayers of a new garden

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