Night Gift

Flooded with moonlight
the bay lay rippled
with soft northerly wind,
the sound of owls
echoing in the forest.
Her beauty spread
upon the lonely shore
a gift in the quiet night
to any who might awake
in these darkened hours.



photograph by Rebecca Hynes


10 Responses to “Night Gift”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    This poem is sweet solace for those times when sleep won’t come during these darkened hours.Thank you.

  2. Ravenstalk says:

    ~ The owls were present with those gathered at the recent Attunement Gathering at the Stillmeadow Retreat Center a few moons ago ~ The old growth forest ~ The full moon ~ The owls ~ The souls gathered there with purpose & intention… Agree with your words Don ~ Thank You

  3. Mary Taylor Goforth says:

    Lovely gift, Don. Thank you.

    And photograph. Thank you, Rebecca!

  4. Eric Dunn says:

    A gift to any who awaken during these darkened hours of humanity. I often go for a swim late at night when the moonlight fills our garden. Thank you Don!

  5. James says:

    A song in the night.

  6. Leia Meryt says:

    The winds of Spirit caress the face of the waters bathed in light.
    The sounds of creation surround every ounce of every living thing.
    Darkness was on the face of the deep and yet still there is the sweet beckoning saying that we are not alone…Rise up and come away with me my love, my love.
    I have owls in the trees in my yard that are there sounding the call in the early morning darkness. It’s so soothing and comforting. I like to go outside and sit with it. The trees are so tall, reaching up and up while grounded in the earthly substance. The light between the trees and branches are as white embroidered threads illuminating the path of sacred thought. It’s a lot in these days.

  7. I love those gifts that come unexpected and unbidden.

  8. William Comer says:

    Thanks, Don. This poem takes me vividly to my ocean sailing experience, when on the steering shift as the sky silently would slip from night through sunrise to promise of a new day. Thousands of miles from shore and light pollution.

  9. Maria Frid says:

    This gift is a song of solace to all that restlessly sleep. Thank you, Don, it is beautiful!

  10. David Barnes says:

    Wonderful Don — The world cries out for a brightening — and this little poem provides joyful evidence of radiant darkness living within the beauty of blended light

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