Seeing Your Name

The trees I’ve walked beneath
these many years,
I still don’t know their names.
They must have them
growing in the moonlit dark,
reaching toward the sun.
There are grasses
here for a year then gone.
Someone must have named them,
millions upon millions
on this thread of rock.
The birds of course,
the sea creatures
and then the humans
who all have names
but who dares say they know.
I come in this unknowing,
an admirer of the tide,
the shape of water
and the glint of light
upon the morning.
Who walks in dark
and speaks to trees,
who dares to love
with all that means.
Empty and full
the parts of me
that do know
open like a sail
to catch the breeze,
seeing your name
for just one moment
signed in water
upon the sunlit sea.





17 Responses to “Seeing Your Name”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Yes, opens like a sail to the shared name, I am.

  2. David Banner says:

    Sweet, Don…we all have a name in the great Oneness…..

  3. Rose Meeker says:


  4. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this is structured well in form and in thought. Thanks.

  5. John Gray says:

    Indeed, His/our Name is writ large everywhere, clearly visible to the unblind. Thank you, Don, for your deeply descriptive word-pictures!

  6. Jamail McKinney says:

    Your poem is so wonderful, this has been an intense two weeks for me. Open heart Surgery to replace a failing aortic valve, and then adding a pacemaker. I have been home for three days on a long road to recover properly. Still have the walker and OXI, for a while. Your words do speak weekly to me and my life is seen as not only serious, but joyful..

  7. Eric Dunn says:

    Timeless knowing! Thank you Don!

  8. David Barnes says:

    And the Author of it All has left His Her signature on every leaf of every page of this great and living Book, and I see it shining here through every rhythmic breath of every line of this exquisite prayerful poem. So beautiful, Don. Thank you.

  9. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Guileless grandeur…

  10. Dorian Black says:

    Thank you, Don. Deeply suggestive image. I don’t often visit here but was attracted by the title. Then was touched by your image, suggesting the almost instantaneous and therefore changing expression of the Name. Was also touched in heart reading Jamail’s words. Bless you and him.

  11. James says:

    ” Here lies one whose name is writ in water “

  12. Taylor Goforth says:

    Gorgeous Don!!

  13. Pichay says:

    I accept my name–and yours–and theirs, no clever vaulting one over the other. I AM.

  14. Scott MacRae says:

    Great Poem Don!

  15. Hallie says:

    It’s the name that connects us all, trees, grass, every living thing.
    (don’t know yet about rocks) Thanks, Don.

  16. Don —
    I was warmed to greet you again this week, Don — amidst the freshness of new discovery, while sharing your poem, “Seeing Your Name”. You had previously mentioned to me, the “simple words” that characterize your verses; Yet, sharing your authored work with you this week gave me a heightened view of the ranges of expression you offer — behind the words — as you give voice to our attunement with the realm of Spirit.

    I am grateful to you and for you — now and ongoingly. Onward, if you please …!

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