Walks in Moonlight

Ripe and full the harvest moon rises
casting tree shadows from their tops
lifted to the star wheel.
No loneliness or garish glare,
just silver glow and silence.
Orion in the east
signals winter coming
yet still there is warmth
and the sweetness of corn.
The winds will pick up
bringing early storms,
rain again to soak the land,
but for now I walk in moonlight,
drinking deep the night.






8 Responses to “Walks in Moonlight”

  1. Rose Meeker says:


  2. Maria Frid Jimenez says:

    As the harvest, the earth’s plenty is gathered, all sense of loneliness or garish glare evaporates in the ambiance of generosity by Mother. So lovely of you, Don!

  3. Again, wonderful, sensual imagery……

  4. Virginia Schoen says:

    Just experienced this lovely sight. So peaceful & full of beauty like your poem. Thx.

  5. Pichay says:

    A bright and beautiful sonata of silence…ah yes, lad, t’were a bonny night, true enough.

  6. Veronica Lim says:


  7. Bill Dare says:


  8. Scott MacRae says:

    Great image and feeling!

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