Storing Vision

Sun cast the Sound in silver,

low slanted light skimming

off the water, gleaming

like vast ornamental plates

beset with wooded islands

more fallen from heaven

than raised by the sea.

I am watching, gathering

images like late apples

left behind by crows,

storing vision

for the long winter night.

Morning poem, Waldron Island, 11-28-10


9 Responses to “Storing Vision”

  1. David Bean says:

    Pa mal. Reminds me of fall days on Lopez. Gathering apples before the crows.

  2. Bob says:

    I like those fall visions being excitedly gathered up against the winter.

  3. Xavier Coleman says:

    Interesting, your use of images “like late apples left by crows”. I have been doing just that. Fallen apples in the yard across the street. Some have a few bites out of them from the crows, but so tasty. Just cut around the blemishes and the bites and what a feast. We most often overlook the gold sitting close by in what appears to be refuse.

  4. Athena Coleman says:

    This one is my new favorite.

  5. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Don This was perfect for me to read on a dark and dreary day. Your images caught my mood and put me in touch with being a part of nature in the season of winter thank you Kay

  6. It is like the song, Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire, conjuring up images of winter nights, warm memories, the seasons as nature intended, each cycles in symbiotic relationship to all things, and man’s vision there to witness it all just as Life intended. Don’t you just love the awesome wonder of it all! Love and blessings, Lawrence

  7. Bill Dare says:

    Just YUMMY, Don… as good as a Thanks Giving repaste.

  8. pii Chaai aka Wm Comer says:

    Enroute to my new home, yesterday afternoon, I passed dried paddies of harvested rice. I tarry in jet lag and contemplate a harvest in my life of new partnership and unfamiliar familial opportunity. I feel the deep-hearted linkage of, our uniqe images and experiences.

    If we have each tendered our creative fields over time, pouring ourselves out a blessing, there comes a time of harvest–and we don’t have to eat crow. Just receive the fruits unto ourselves and let blessing expand. All of this richness brought about simply by our practice of loving kindness and compassion from a true position of Beingness.

    …or something like that…

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