Receiving the Pulse

The incoming waves

gather in forceful pulse

yet when vision softens

to the breadth before shore

long fingers of desire appear

beneath oncoming wave

reaching out from tree and rock

with passionate welcome

for the incoming flow

drawing color and sound

to the roots of the land

the earth filling with ocean

as She reaches again

with the same delicate fingers

for the next great pulse

of power and light

renewing wave upon wave

with undying genesis.


5 Responses to “Receiving the Pulse”

  1. Lorna says:

    delicious…just what I needed to help me through my busy day

  2. This speaks to me of the pattern of consciousness, always reaching for the next expansive connection- always leading to the Source of all life. liked the poem

  3. Donna Anderson says:

    Don, This was one of your better ones. i liked this.

  4. Marco says:

    “fingers of desire” … I’ve seen them watching the interplay between pebbles and lapping wavelets. They are on every beach. Thanks for reminding me of that sensation of interwoven connection between elemental forces.

  5. I appreciate your reminding me how elemental rhythms are known in my blood and in the juiciness of my own desires for life.

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