Dressed for Rain

I rust upon the rock

like an old bent nail

watching her changing face

of eddy line and standing wave,

the swirls where tide meets bay

birds touch and go forever feeding.

Seals appear as if by magic

and golden eagle brown and tan

with spreading wing takes roost

while two bald eagles arc to south

their white heads flashing.

Caterpillars eat our apple trees,

the wind holds steady in the south

and I poke along the ground

like a curious plover

crabbing together this dispatch

between breaks of cloud

where sun will open on the sea

and I stay dressed for rain.




6 Responses to “Dressed for Rain”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Nice… having recently been to the Westwind Elder Retreat on the OR coast, I resonate with your gift.

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    Your words remind me that when I’m in nature, she is speaking, listening, activating her life through endless forms of Life’s expression. I too am gifted with these qualities when I surrender to her brilliant artistry.

  3. Carol Carlson says:

    Sweet. I rust upon the rock…like an old bent nail – and nature does its multidimensional dance.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Your words ring familiar having just returned from a sun-drizzled stroll along Seattle’s Elliot Bay. A new favorite, thanks!

  5. Pichay says:

    While many fear to commune intimately with their natural surround, you demonstrate beautifully a joy of the dance in full immersion. I could say to our Earth Mother, “dance me to the end of love”…(Leonard Cohen).

  6. Betty Doerr says:

    a sense of wonder is what you highlight for each of us.

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