What Must Go

What must go for this day to be born?

Something presses upward from within,

grown in the dark and breaking surface

as roots continue down

and vision opens slowly to light.






8 Responses to “What Must Go”

  1. David Banner says:

    How can five lines convey so much? That is why I love good poetry.

    Thank you, Don!

  2. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Yeah. What David said…

  3. Jamail says:

    As we just finished planting 8 fruit trees at our new house, i am reminded of the Gnomes, who work with the dirt and minerals to cause to florish and push itself above ground according to Rudolph Steiner. Once again you sense what really happens in the unknown realms as it emerges into the known world, just as what happens in ourselves comes up to the surface and the thing of beauty is seen. thanks Don.

  4. Eleanor Gill MIlner says:

    Short, succinct and a photo for the mind. No wonder the lotus has become such a symbol for life’s struggle towards enlightenment.

  5. Christy White says:

    Wonderful! So much said, so few words.

  6. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    The awareness of growth beneath the surface is such a gift, is it not? Thanks for the beauty of your words to recall my awareness.

  7. Thanks, Don. This reminds me of a site in Cornwall called Watersmeet where two rivers come together and two ley lines cross. There is an ancient tree living on a bank where the soil has partially washed away and the roots are echoed by the top of the tree. As above so below. A real treat to see both halves of living.

  8. Thanks Don, there is movement afoot below the surface- a great adventure to see what surfaces.

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