Looking into the old wood

something wants to fall away

like a dead branch in the wind,

to let what is new

fill the part of me

spreading growth in rings

of sun and aging season,

rising from the unseen

clean and vertical

with only presence to speak

in the green and trembling forest.



10 Responses to “Presence”

  1. Tom Walsh says:

    My experience of late is described in this poem. Thanks for sharing your gift of words!

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    I just wrote .. Moving from Presence into Spring’s passion and tenacity ..
    then opened your poem. How beautifully you describe the journey! Thank you Don! In Oneness ..

  3. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Something wanting to fall away… yes. The first to welcome new growth is what wants to fall away, making room. So much of me wants to fall away.

    What grows in me, rings of sun and aging… yes. Not of my doing, or merit, but unseen, clean and vertical. Reaching, unhurried.

    My presence, my prayer is yes – to what wants to fall away, and to what pushes to grow. It’s how I get to be in the green and trembling forest.

    Thank you so much, Don, for this exquisite and sacred gift.

  4. David Banner says:

    The something wanting to fall away is old habits of blame, resentment and guilt…..weakened and trembling….and the new growth is strong and vibrant.

  5. Bill Dare says:

    There’s a Presence within us all your words have touched in me this morning, Don. As I rise and become the Natural growth in our Universe, I am grateful for the Passion of your words.

  6. Your words are spot on with my current experience of gathering the old wood of the past, current family issues, and whatever else scratches on my window of awareness and intentionally lifting it into the higher dimensions. I find there is more room for new growth and the enjoyment that comes with this sacred ritual of release.

  7. Gene Latimer says:

    Am grateful to have more presence and poets in my life!

    Thank you, Don, for all you do, for all you are.

  8. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

    Wonderful poem using a metaphor gracefully extended. I happen to think if the word presence were to be struck from the collective vocabulary, the eminence would draw a lot closer, but that is a quibble. This poem reaches deep and delivers.
    Thank you and happy poetry month!

  9. Tom Wilson says:

    Hey Don, you are on a roll these days. Go brother.

  10. Mary Kobe says:

    Thank you for putting in words the longing of my heart….

    I also love the image you have spoken of …..a web of connection

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