Equinox 2012

The point of balance

or rift between dark and light

when illumination wins the struggle

dragging us from our inner cave

into the dim lit morning,

leaving the dream time

and drama of atonement behind

for what may rise on ancient meter

singing us, bawling like infants

into the here and now.



5 Responses to “Equinox 2012”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Snow informs with the Joyous light from Love of Life and the smile of my inner child throwing snowballs of welcome. It’s good to share, Don.

  2. ron laws says:

    With a sweet saline tastes in my mouth, here we are.

  3. Carol Carlson says:

    Hi Don, here’s a rough poem in the moment inspired by yours. Thanks!


    Equinox is a balance of forces
    not forced.
    Balance an egg on end on the table delicately,
    and please record it on your I-phone
    because I did it once but can’t prove it.

    How do I balance my emotions? a friend asks.
    Dive into them? For how long?

    Jump on the pendulum, let’s swing on the
    sad – happy, confused – clear, lethargic – excited.
    We can make a long list.
    How big can it get before we cry “Too much!”
    And does that help?

    In my spiritual community we swung,
    going outward then drawing inward,
    outward to blend with the world,
    drawing inward to the roots of the beginning.

    I saw how the reaching out was more exciting to some
    and the coming back to roots was more satisfying to some.

    We took turns on the pendulum.
    When it was the swing to come back to the roots, I left,
    because the energy of it did not excite my body-soul.
    How do you know where to be? I asked myself.
    How long can you stay when the energy is dropping for you?

    Time to go to greater aliveness.
    Do I have a choice?

    Same choice now.

    On the boat, sailing through waves,
    we rock and roll constantly,
    my legs flex to balance,
    Visually and mentally I have a course to follow
    because we want to get somewhere.

    To get there I look at the distant horizon at a point,
    a bit of land, a cloud or a star.
    I check the compass and GPS from time to time,
    but understand they have a delay behind real time.

    So I keep attention to the far goal,
    let the waves and swings happen,
    correct them with minimal movements.

    A destination and a balance point.

    Am I enjoying the ride?

  4. Nancy Rose says:

    I am moved by both poems, Don’s and Carol’s. Thank you!

  5. Pichay says:

    I have mostly stopped chasing shadow. It knows it’s own season, it’s own balance. It comes to me when it comes. I stay in present moment awareness, attending to my business on Earth as a Sun-Being. I love this beautiful green planet. I am here to love it, bless it, and do what is mine to do in any part of my human constituency. Likewise, in community with others.

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