To Lift My Color

The plum tree fires pink fireworks
into the gray skies of Febru’ry
lavish petals filling the gnarled trunk
with no apology for color so audacious
Earth herself awakens below
the broad swath of cement.
I greet her across the open street
daring to lift my color with hers
into the face of winter.


Oregon winter


5 Responses to “To Lift My Color”

  1. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Lovely! That guileless brazenness of beauty in Nature is so moving…

  2. Maria Frid says:

    The meetings of colors; characters if you will, in the stark cold environment softens the hard edges of February. Beautiful, Don!

  3. Judith McGee says:

    Very nice, Don. It’s beautifully reflective and paints a word picture of the view out my window, too.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Sweet, Bro… keep ’em coming :).

  5. Mark Dellamano says:

    The Earth becomes palpable from your pen. Thank you for that.

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