Feeling of Being Alive

Ideas give way to feeling

feeling to the essential –

the forever mystery of a moon lit tide,

the rise and fall of life in trees,

Jupiter’s pass through winter’s sky,

endless beauty and the sharp edge

where we dwell, angels yet not;

as sun streams across the ocean

everything lifts in thanks,

the oldest ceremony the simplest

for God is the feeling of being alive,

awakening the openness to this knowing.



12 Responses to “Feeling of Being Alive”

  1. Robin Bryant says:

    . . and how precious it is to be so alive with feelings that constantly call us to deepen, ripen, reveal, release, God’s wonder and Joy!

  2. Lloyd Meeker says:

    The oldest ceremony is feeling alive… I love it! Here’s to timeless ceremonies!

  3. Jude says:

    yes again to your knowing words.

    “the feeling of being alive,” Always has been enough, hasn’t it?

  4. David Banner says:

    This is what, in my view, makes life worth living…and you have
    described the feeling very poignantly, my friend

  5. suzy bennett says:

    Thank you Don for reminding me……..

  6. Bill Dare says:

    I’ve been watching the Ken Burns series on our National Parks… your Spirit has captured the essence of Creation as beautifully as our National Parks inspire my Joy in being alive. Thanks, Don.

  7. Pichay says:

    death visits in a myriad forms, the most familiar to us being the end of one’s life–even though it visits only once. but there are many welcome deaths to be acknowledged once fear lets go to an ode to the joy of feeling alive! thank you, Don, for bringing Light to bear…

  8. Christy says:

    Love the feeling uplift in this poem. There’s a spiral upward to it that takes me up with it. A wonderful celebration and acknowledgement of being present.

  9. ron laws says:

    Such a wonderous gift, the dance, your voice a reminder of the unspeakable. Thanks Brother, Coyos,

  10. Anne Blaney says:

    Leaving space to cut to the essential is a gate, and your poems create that space for the reader. With you in the ceremony Don!

  11. Francine Ladd says:

    feeling the images you write feels like the pulse of life, on the precipice, taking it all in, knowing in the moment the timeless place is the best place to take it all in from…

  12. Noel and Brenda says:

    Don , You are the Greatest !

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