Sitting in the Dark

Sitting in the dark

before first light

I feel you in the air,

the warmth of the fire

so extraordinary and simple,

tea with leaves from India,

honey from the devotion of bees

and a small silver spoon stirring,

speaking subtly

as the morning does

of your voice

and the bright glowing spark

of all that awakens.



10 Responses to “Sitting in the Dark”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    What a wonderful string of winter love poems this last few are, Don. They follow each other with such grace.

    Thank you, bro –

  2. Christy White says:

    Hi Don…
    I love that line “honey from the devotion of bees” and how the poem seems to actually swirl around devotion and love. It’s truly the small things in our lives that are the bright moments!

  3. Bill Dare says:

    I hear the whisper of your Muse, Brother… thanks for sharing her clarity.


  4. sylvia mcafee says:

    Don, your work with words and feeling is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    I was tpuched by “honey -devotion of bees” as well. when was the last time I thought of the bees when I used their honey? Your words of quiet awareness touch that place in me where the presence of those I love lives, and the Presence I call God . Thanks, Don

  6. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    Well said Don.

    The title brought me back to those days of working in the darkroom, and my first thought was:

    Don’t let the dark leak out!

    Fortunately, the poem was not about trials over silver and chemistry, but a quiet joy ennobled by a silver spoon.

  7. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    I love my mornings too, Don. You really captured the gentle stir that is awakening. Your ability to go to the essence of an experience is to be commended. You are an excellent wordsmith!

  8. Carol Carlson says:

    Subtle, simple, “the bright glowing spark of all that awakens.” Lovely.

  9. ron laws says:

    Through it all, bro-

  10. Andrew Shier says:

    I keep coming back to this one, Don. Something about the tea leaves in the morning cup of tea while sitting in the quiet of the first morning hours stirs a kind of stillness and peace that is starting to inhabit me. Thank you, brother.

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