How She Holds Us

Something luminous waxes within

as I watch the moon rise

full again upon the Earth

telling its old tale once more,

the mysteries of gain and loss,

of all who loved and failed to love

or find their way

on the path of pale light

glimmering in the winter forest,

speaking in silence

through all our forgetting

of how She holds us

in the ancient folds of Eden.


Painting "Don's Moon" by Marco Menato


11 Responses to “How She Holds Us”

  1. Michael Cecil says:

    What a beauty!

  2. T Johansson says:

    YEAH! That Old Grandmother has been speaking volumes lately, eh?
    Good on ya, Spirit Brother…

  3. David Banner says:

    Don….you have a wonderful gift for capturing the feeling tone of an event…like being there!

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Gratitude… thanks for this beautiful reminder, Bro.

  5. Jamail says:

    I leave my house at 6 AM on my walk to work and there is the moon shining down, and i pause, think of the big mystery for a short time, then the days work can come along and it shrinks in importance for i have been renewed in that glance up in the sky, for I remember what is really important.

  6. Your words paint pictures in my heart. It’s not just the words, really, but how you put them together that makes magic.
    Thank you.

  7. Pichay says:

    I tell you true, if it were not for Her holding, my life here would have been brief. I go to her Bamboo grove, 2k walk, and the Bamboo sing to me in
    the wind–full of loving care. The water buffalo graze nearer and nearer, and my tears flow and flow…and contentment returns, there in Her busom, all enfolded by Father Sky…

  8. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don, fair representative of Her blessing…through whom she speaks. Black Elk nods agreement from the Great Beyond…

  9. Thanks so much Don, there is something in the beauty of the prose and poetry that touches home. I really appreciate that you open yourself to what flows through in such a beautiful way.

  10. Sarah Hanson says:

    I think of this as forever and to be cherished always……..

  11. sylvia mcafee says:

    I say: Happy Birthday, Don and thank you more for sharing.

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