Gathering for the Rise

Naked branches shorn of green

tremble in the winter wind,

buds closed yet full of life

turned upward on the morning sky

while below the work of birth continues,

dark earth and root gathering

for the rise and sail of leaf.



6 Responses to “Gathering for the Rise”

  1. David Banner says:

    There is such an optimistic tone in this poem…just what we need at Solstice time!(smile)

  2. T Johansson says:

    Brilliant exhale for 2011, Dear Friend.
    Thank you!

    Sister T

  3. Ted Black says:

    Thanks, Don. Delicate and softly spoken. I am reminded of a sweet bit of poesy from another era that my mother used often to quote:

    In the snowing, in the blowing,
    In the cruel sleet,
    Little flowers begin their growing
    Far beneath our feet.

  4. Pichay says:

    Winter! Such a pregnant time of year. To be consciously aware of Her womb stirrings is such a privilege!

    I have not aware of such passionate enthusiasm and anticipation for a new year, as there is occurring now for 2012. Could it be there are quadriplets in Her womb? Let us keep a divine ear to the ground of Being and listen for a cadence of heartbeat….

  5. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    The last leaves have just fallen–yesterday–and I am feeling alone here without them outside my window. Until your words lifted my awareness to the life still goinig on in earth and roots. With Pichay I am attentive to the Ground of Being sensing the hope. Thanks, Don.

  6. Sandy Jensen says:

    I like the easy lift you got on the last line. The darker, solstic rhythms you had going might have invited you to a major chord at the end, but you took a right turn and went straight on until tomorrow. Sondheim does that musically–goes the unexpected direction to change the tenor of emotion–as you do the same here, really memorably!

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