Christmas 2011

Awakening from the dream
shadows resolve,
turbulence recedes,
treasuries of the heart
in kindness gold,
sweet incense forgiving
and peace within a stable shed
resting on a bed of hay.




8 Responses to “Christmas 2011”

  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful and Merry Christmas.

  2. sylvia mcafee says:

    ahhh… very sweet. It does occur like this…at least for me and mine!

  3. David Banner says:

    There is a rich comfort in this poem.

  4. Tom Walsh says:

    🙂 Peace…

  5. With golden kindness in my heart, the sweet smell of forgiveness in my senses, I am reminded that shoveling out the stable shed brings a kind of peace. Thanks!

  6. Jamail says:

    You write exactly the way it is.
    Thank you for a keen insight into reality during this season.

  7. Josanne Stedmann says:

    Don, I’ve just read through several of your recent creations. Exquisitely grounded! With each work I yearn to hear musical accompaniment. A musical embellishment of sorts. Your melody inspires a chorus of sweetness and reverance. Thank you.

  8. Bob Weaver says:

    Sweet, genuine concepts, Don. This is good stuff for this holiday. For Josanne’s suggestion, try Odetta singing about the manger and King Jesus. There will be strong emotion.

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