If I Remember You

If I remember you
it’s only in the morning
recalling root and water,
before the rush paused
like a web of lace curtain
lifted in the cool air,
open to the blue beyond.




6 Responses to “If I Remember You”

  1. David Banner says:

    Sweet and tender, my friend….”good on ya, mate!”

  2. Anne Blaney says:

    This is very fine. (Shades of Rumi.) Thanks Don.

  3. Pichay says:

    …sorrow is arroused in my heart. i have healed from many injuries since 2006, but my closed brain injury, severely limiting my memory capacity, remains. i am especially grateful for remembrance….of people and beautiful places i have loved…for Love itself…thankfully, walking the Buddha Way of loving kindess and compassion requires little…

  4. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Don, This one is moving beyond words, thank you.

  5. Athena Coleman says:

    As beautiful as a favorite painting ~ ~ ~

  6. donnarheath says:

    This sings right up from the page–tender

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