In that Emptiness

What will I sketch
upon sea and sky?
How can I add
to the living pallet?
I wake with the sun,
go down with the moon.
Looking out at the expanse
I find myself where
heaven and earth meet.
Don’t mistrust this dawn,
the stillness you might find;
in that emptiness
is your salvation.





















Reading of “In that Emptiness” with music by Ahura


8 Responses to “In that Emptiness”

  1. Brenda Jenkins says:

    Exquisite emptiness… This is a fine, crystalline place, where so few words are needed–just to meet, and simply be. Thank you for this remarkable dawn captured with such fineness. Good morning, Don.

  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, I delayed posting today in order to give our lawyer friends some time for gathering relevant case law. Emptiness is familiar. I see you’ve had advice from some of them, too.

  3. David Banner says:

    Love the stillness and emptiness!

  4. laurel cox says:

    May I lay down in stillness til I receive a tap upon this shoulder of how I am needed in this new dawn.

  5. This poem was for me today. Thank you Don.

  6. Mike McCauley says:

    Don — I’m pleased to report that even the lawyers love your new poem, “In That Emptiness.” Doing Pro Bono legal work is the salvation of many attorneys, and more importantly, those persons whom they represent for no fee.

  7. Carol Smey says:

    Yes, poignantly expressed!

  8. PenDell Pittman says:

    I thank Heaven, with fullness of Heart, for another empty expanse of still blank canvas on which the ever trustworthy Hand of the Creator perfectly brushstrokes a newly dawning salvation upon my Earth yet again Today!

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