Summer Morn

Hummingbird wings
trill in the warm sun
as winter past
fades in memory.
The green world rises
and on this summer morn
like eagle with his early catch
I breakfast with the gods.


















Reading of “Summer Morn” with music by Morten Lauridsen


9 Responses to “Summer Morn”

  1. Tom Figel says:

    Don, breakfast with the gods? Jay S., Mike M. and Kevin D. are with you today? Say hello.

  2. David Banner says:

    Yes, Don…me, too!

  3. Mike McCauley says:

    Don — Short & Sweet today. And Perfect! Plus, Morten Laudidsen choral music too! Even more Perfecter!

  4. Mike McCauley says:

    Tom Figel — it was so nice of Don to say Hello from you when Jay S. & Kevin D. had breakfast with him this Summer Morn.

  5. PenDell Pittman says:

    Breakfast with the Gods on a warm Summer’s morn:
    As if handed sweet Manna from Heaven’s Providence —
    Here, in this unfaded moment of sublime exaltation,
    I richly partake.

  6. Maria Frid says:

    Joy unspeakable! Thank you, dear Don!

  7. Maria Middlestead says:

    Sweet, summery joy. I love how your poems often include a surprising twist. I wasn’t expecting mention of breakfast:)

  8. Kevin D. says:

    I think Tom F. is a little hungover. It happens frequently in L.A. The poem is solid, like lyrics to a favorite song. The mention of breakfast makes me hungry though.

  9. Veronica Lim says:

    I sense a glorious moment, serene and breath-taking. I feel you drinking in the early morning with all your senses as you enjoy your breakfast!

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